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Book for Business Owners

"A Guide to Thrive, not just Survive"

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The business owner's guide to thriving, not just surviving, through the greatest depression of the past 100 years.


"Darren Shirlaw has correctly predicted every phase of the recession so far" - Get Surrey, June 2012

This e-book is compiled from the many articles we have written since February 2007. They coincide with the global economic recession and show how businesses can thrive even through such a difficult period.

Although this book refers to economic commentary it is important to note that we never intended to give financial or investment advice. Quite specifically, the book is written to provoke discussion among business owners and managers. For any investment or financial decisions, we suggest consulting a professional financial advisor or accountant.

This book is essentially a journal, compiled over four and a half years, where you can read our take on the recession as it unfolded. Some of you will enjoy reading the journey from February 2007 because each article was written at a specific time in the economic cycle.

Others may prefer to skip the first two-thirds and jump straight to the later 2011-2012 commentary. This focuses on the current situation and makes suggestions for management decision-making discussions.

This book contains the following sections:

    February 2007 - a crash is imminent
    February 2009 - we'll see a turnaround any day now
    September 2009 - prepare to sustain your business through the recession
    October 2010 - create your growth strategy for the flat phase
    May 2011 - the recovery begins

You can download the latest version - with our updated articles - at any time by clicking here.

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Testimonials for Shirlaws books

"I took time out this morning to read your book and I just wanted to say how clear, clever and helpful I found it and to thank you for providing it so generously"
Hilary Cooke, Director Merlin Consultancy

"What a fantastic read. Really gets to the heart of what makes a successful business. A great read and lots of 'Of course it all makes sense' moments"
Charles Richards Global Lead. Sophos

"I just wanted to thank you so much for sending me the Shirlaws e- book.  Although it's taken a while to get through, you will be delighted to know that it's because I found it so useful that I read and re-read the same chapter twice, made notes and ensured I had thoroughly understood what was being said, before moving on.

"It did two things for me.  Firstly encouraged me to realise that much of what I am already trying to do and believe in, is the right way of doing things - that's a huge relief; as of late I have felt I am surrounded by mad people and I am the only sane one around!!  Secondly, there were so many absolutely brilliant light bulb moments - I wished I could have taken a picture of myself reading these and sent them off to you for use on the front cover of this book!"
Helen Bennett, Managing Director, Better Together

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