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Why Coaching?

5 reasons business owners love
to work with Shirlaws

Shirlaws “hands over their philosophy and technology and teach it to you. It liberates you to see better ways of doing things and of growing.“

David Jonas, Vegetarian Express

We’re real, we’re coaches, we’re do-ers


Founded on fact and substance

Our clients don’t want us to tell them what to do. But nor do they want "it depends" or a coach who doesn’t deliver anything tangible. We find the right balance of support and challenge; of listening and providing concrete business methodology.   Our founder, Darren Shirlaw, is a world-acknowledged expert on the financial markets and their impact on business growth. Our systems are based on careful research and the experience of working with hundreds of growing businesses, and so our clients consistently outperform the market.

Judged on results


It's personal

There are lots of great coaches and business advisors out there. But not many can match our track record of building successful and profitable businesses and making the process of getting there a joyful one.   We’re a family. We treat our clients like family and they treat us the same. It’s about much more than business.

We’re enthusiasts

Our curiosity for business and our infatuation with helping our clients transform their businesses and their lives is infectious. You can’t sit next to a Shirlaws coach for long without feeling excited about the opportunities your business presents.